The UK gives the gift of CBD this Christmas.

Recent medical reports coming out of the United Kingdom have indicated that in the last year, over six million adults have reportedly used CBD amidst an 11% rise in its consumption nationally.

With the festive season rapidly approaching, this means that the holidays are looking decidedly more pain-free for residents throughout the UK. Each year shoppers wrestle with fellow consumers to claim the most exciting items from shop shelves to surprise their loved ones with come December 25 and this year those items may be almost unrecognizable from the traditional holiday wish-list.  

Santa will be bringing something slightly different down the chimney in 2019 if the rise in popularity of CBD-infused products is anything to go by.

Every year there is a fresh item that captures the imagination of millions and finds a resting place on the countertops nationwide come the New Year. While CBD products do not advertise in the same manner as these sorts of gifts, they may just be the hot item under the tree this December.

CBD sales have topped those of Vitamin C and D products combined in the last two years, a sure sign that the THC-free cannabis derivative is hitting the mainstream in extremely potent numbers.

As more research is released into the natural pain-killing properties of cannabidiol, more and more residents of the United Kingdom are dipping a toe into the burgeoning market.

Even the Duchess of Cornwell has recently been quoted as hearing fantasticthings about CBD and its benefits. At a farmers market in London, the royal sampled a product containing hemp oil and declared it to be deliciousbefore saying she believes that CBD has helped many people already.

While it may not be an endorsement used on the packaging of CBD topical creams across the Christmas period, something as simple as a member of the Royal Family being open and receptive to a CBD-infused oil would have been considered fantasy not so long ago.

As it stands, much of the rise in CBD oil consumption throughout the UK has been through word of mouth alone. Boutiques in areas such as Camden Market have discussed the repeat business they have been receiving since their inception, with much of that business generated by customer referrals. If someone feels they receive a benefit from the product, research indicates they will tell others and before long a growing market is trying to keep up with demand.

As more and more research is conducted and released to the public, CBD oils and balms will only continue their meteoric growth in the consumer consciousness. Definitive medical evidence of the benefits of cannabidiol is still relatively thin but each day brings more positive reviews from users, some of whom speak though the large microphone of a substantial social media following.

International names such as Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Kristen Bell have leant their voices to the push for more research into CBD after positive experiences in their own lives. These kinds of advocacies from high-profile public figured help to legitimize the alternative pain-relief market and lead an increasing number of consumers to do further research into something that was once severely maligned.

Today, the CBD market in the UK is estimated to be worth somewhere around the £300 million mark and it is expected to be worth £1 billion per year by 2025. The CBD market has doubled year on year for the past three years and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it shows every sign of increasing exponentially in the coming years as more research and affordable options come onto the market.  

To think a CBD product would be under a Christmas tree in 2010 would have been laughable but the numbers clearly state that CBD will be in the living rooms of a huge number of UK residents in 2019. Cannabidiol took the leap into the mainstream in 2019 and there appears to be no ceiling on where it could climb to in the near future.

It has taken a long time to debunk some of the myths and suspicions surrounding CBD products that have been a part of the fabric of society for so long, but it is happening.

More and more consumers are realizing that not only is CBD here to stay but it is here to help.

The numbers will make for extremely interesting reading when the 2019 festive period reaches its conclusion and the smart money is on CBD having a huge impact in the UK market this holiday period.

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