The UK gives the gift of CBD this Christmas.

Recent medical reports coming out of the United Kingdom have indicated that in the last year, over six million adults...

Read more 25/12/19
Toronto Wolfpack and HowlBrands agree to partnership with Pond Technologies Holdings Inc.

Toronto Wolfpack and HowlBrands are excited to announce a partnership with Pond Technologies Holdings Inc. focused on their expertise related...

Read more 13/11/19
CBD Could Change The Way Athletes Recover

There is nothing more important to an athlete on game day than having their body as close to its peak...

Read more 24/09/19
Retired Athletes Join the Call for CBD Access

Professional sport takes its toll on athletes in a variety of different ways. Very few, if any, elite-level participants escape...

Read more 24/09/19
CBD Pain-Relief is Accessible By All

It isn’t just professional athletes that experience negative effects as a result of their workload. While the side effects of...

Read more 24/09/19
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